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PS3 Media Server streaming & transcoding to XBMC for Xbox Now configuration completed you can restart PS3 Media Server (I’ve no idea whether pushing the Restart HTTP server button at the top is enough, personally I’ve restarted the software by closing it using the green play button in the icon tray area and restart it. I actually had to do that a few times and even logoff / restart XBMC4Xbox a few times to get the two seeing each other while making the configuration trial changes. Transcoding 1080P videos through PS3 Media Server using a ... If you're hitting 40-50 mbps then your media server is not properly set up to use the original video stream then. There are rare instances where the original video stream is not supported by the PS3 and so re-encoding is a must but I've never encountered a .MKV BR rip that wasn't .h264 yet. New PS3 Media Server, MKV transcoding on the fly ... I just set this up and tried it with a 1080p mkv file I have, and it seems to work so far! And I didn't have to uninstall Tversity for it to work. Also, files that used to stutter using Tversity seem to work so far using this media server. DLNA media servers that have MKV transcoding capability ...

La PS3 de Sony. Voici une excellente console de jeu doublée d'un lecteur de Blu-Ray performant, le tout pour un prix acceptable. Elle est également, ce qui est un peu moins connu, un lecteur de fichier multimédia haute définition, un peu comme ces nouveaux disques dur multimédia de salon. How to Make MKV Settings for the PS3 Media Server | Our ... 15 Sep 2017 ... Click "Save." PS3 Media Server will transcode all MKV files into an appropriate format before streaming them to the PlayStation 3. 1080p mkv streaming to PS3? - Movian You can enter for example: "avi,mkv" to skip transcoding of those file types. There is also ... I recently read a thread about ps3 media server not showing up here: ... Streaming to PS3, transcoding H265 - Universal Media Server | Forum

Petit tutoriel sur comment lire des fichiers .mkv sur sa Sony PlayStation 3 à l'aide du logiciel PS3 Media Server.

PS3 Media Server is an interesting alternative to VLC streaming, as it allows you better control over the media being played, it does allow you to choose what to play and even to navigate the stream, although it won’t allow you to navigate transcoded streams.

12 Oct 2016 ... PS3 Media Server supports real-time transcoding of a wide variety of video file types, including FLV, AVI, MKV, OGM, and many more.

I'm using PS3 Media Server 1.70, with Mencoder transcoding. I'm running Windows 7 32-bit with 4GB of RAM, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I've been trying this with a PS3, but I also have an Xbox 360. I tried on the xbox too, and still no subtitles for these MKVs.